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HitTrax memberships are now available to Athletic Edge members. This cutting edge, advanced technology will help baseball and softball players improve their game!

Click the link below and fill out the HitTrax registration card before coming in and using the system. Once filled out, email it to:
HitTrax User Registration Card

Questions on HitTrax prices and memberships? Click this link to find additional details: AE HitTrax Pricing Sheet

If you’re an AE member you can reserve the HitTrax cage by heading to the Athletic Edge App!



HitTrax Testimonials 

Christopher Lee, Athletic Edge HitTrax member

” I use the HitTrax system 2-3 times a week. HitTrax keeps track of your exit velocity and the distance at which you hit the ball. This gives you goals to work on, along with letting you know how well you’re hitting the ball. I would highly recommend the HitTrax system to others. It would help anyone improve their hitting. I love that it gives you instant feedback. This system is very easy to use and it is easy to understand as well.”